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2021 Membership Renewal Now Available.
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If you have questions regarding membership, please contact us at msda@crcmeetings.com or 612.378.0551.

MSDA bylaws - Last Updated September 2004

Membership Qualifications:
  1. Any person regularly engaged or employed as a securities trader in the investment, security, or banking business for a period of at least one week within Minnesota shall be eligible for regular membership.

  2. A trader shall be defined as one who regularly makes commitments for or executes orders in securities on behalf of his firm with other dealers, brokers, and/or institutions

  3. Membership will stay with an individual unless the individual leaves the industry. In the event a paid member leaves the industry, the company that paid for the membership can re-assign that membership to a new individual for the rest of that calendar year.

  4. Retired Members An individual who previously was actively engaged or employed as a securities trader in the investment, security, or banking business in Minnesota, in good standing as a past MSDA member and then retire from the working world can request a retired MSDA Membership. Retired MSDA Memberships are complimentary.

    If an individual retires and then goes back to work full time their Retired Membership will end. These retired members do not have to preside in Minnesota after retirement. They are afforded registration to events but do not have any voting rights. They are not required to register for membership every year.
  5. Former Members Actively Looking for Work MSDA will provide former paid in good standing MSDA members, who have lost their job the opportunity to have a one-year complimentary membership in MSDA until they return to a full-time position.

    Complimentary membership is only for individual pursing employment as a securities trader in the investment, security, or banking business in Minnesota and don't have another full-time job. When they return to employment their complimentary membership will end and they can request a paid membership in MSDA.
Benefits of MSDA Membership include:
  • The opportunity to network and share information with peers and individuals influential in the Minnesota Security Dealers market
  • Complimentary attendance to all MSDA planned events
  • Automatic membership in the Security Traders Association
  • Exclusive information on industry & market trends

Please register and pay for MSDA membership prior to April 30th.

Minnesota Security Dealers Association.
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